Terms of Use

1. Acceptance of Terms

All users of Yet Another File Host ("YAFH") agree to abide by the terms set out in these Terms of Service ("TOS"). The TOS may be updated at any time without notice to users but will always be accessible at:

2. Description of Service

Yet Another File Host (YAFH) provides users the ability to upload images and other digital media with the intention of sharing said media with others on the internet.

3. Responsibilities of the User

Users are to supply a valid email address at the time of sign up for future communication with site operators. No files may be uploaded that violate any laws, or infringe upon others' copyrights or trademarks. The owners and operators of YAFH will have the final decisions regarding any questionable material that is uploaded. Users are responsible for maintaining a backup of their data. YAFH will not be liable for data lost due to failure or suspension of account. YAFH will not be used as a data storage facility. Any users found using the service as such may incur additional charges for storage and/or possible deletion of files.

4. Responsibilities of YAFH

YAFH will attempt to provide a fast reliable service. Do to the possibility unforeseen events, service outages may occur, and YAFH will make every effort to recover from outages expediently. In the event that service is suspended indefinitely, it will be up to the owners and operators of YAFH to decide whether refunds will or will not be given.

5. Liability

Users take full responsibility for any legal action that may be brought due to a file they have uploaded. This includes any court costs and/or legal fees that YAFH incurs.

6. Suspension of Service

YAFH will notify user via the supplied email address of any suspensions due to failure to pay. Users will have 24 hours from the notice to rectify the situation before service is terminated. In the event that a user is found to violate the terms set herein, their account faces the possibility of immediate suspension without notice. In the event that any account is suspended, the user will receive no refunds.

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